Name of Speaker – Dr. Ashok Kumar Kalwar (Consultant & Lecturer, Radiation Medicine & Oncology S.P. Medical College Hospital, Bikaner (Raj.)) (Kamdhenu Urine Centre – Rajasthan Go Seva sangh Rani Bazar, Bikaner – 0151- 2200749)

Abstract – Study conducted under the supervision of the ethical committee, Raj. Go Seva Ayog (Raj. Govt) at Raj. Go seva Sangh, Rani Bazar Choraha, Bikaner (Raj.) Modern Medical Science includes combined modality (Including surgery chemotherapy & Radiotherapy) of cancer management. In case of locally advanced cancer, selection of the modality is difficult. Most of the time treatment is palliative. It aims to give a good quality of life with life prolongation. Kamdhenu Urine was widely being used as medicine since human life & Cow on earth. Ayurved has a lot of literature about it. Fresh as well as ark (pure or with herbal medicines) has been used & still people are using.

Conclusion – Kamdhenu Urine therapy decreases hematological toxicities of chemotherapy & radiation induced toxicities. Also a patient feels over all well being with relatively good quality of life & better symptom management. Over all survival is not much inferior to CT ± RT ± surgery treated patients, thus the cost of treatment is almost negligible with kamdhenu Urine therapy & easily available for rural patients. Some acute problem can be managed by Allopathy. Overall general management is possible at home. This is a holistic approach to treat the advanced cancer patients without heavy financial expenditure.