Mission 2016 - Gaumata Rashtra Mata

Gaukranti agradoot Pujya Gopal Mani ji Maharaj is leading a nationwide movement for declaring GauMata as Rahtra Mata.On 4th October 2016 pujyashri completed his vow to complete Gauvardhan rallys in 29 state capitals culminating in Jammu.

Gau Mata Rashtra Mata


Recently pujyashri was in Delhi NCR for goshthis regarding Mission 2016.A series of meetings to mobilize people for this huge revolution was planned by Bhartiya Gau Kranti Manch in Indirapuram,Vaishali,Vasundhara and BrijVihar.

People turned up in huge numbers to listen to great saint. He said “Cow should be accorded the status of “Rashtra Mata” and as cow is treated as mother in our country and never an animal, government should form a new ministry to look into the welfare and the various social and economic aspects related to cows.”

Pujya Gopal Maniji Maharj at Brij Bihar


He also demanded that we should use bio gas generated by cow dung in our kitchens and also for energizing vehicles instead of CNG. He said we should ban the usage of chemical fertilizers and only allow cow dung fertilizer, as chemical fertilizers have poisoned our fertile land and affected the health of our people badly.

A massive protest against cow slaughter was organised by thousands of “Gau Bhakts” on 23rd Februray 2014, at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi and later on 7th Sep 2014 in Raipur under the auspices of Gopal Mani Ji Maharaj.

Of all beings, the cow is treated as the most sacred and sanctified in India. This sense of the unique sacredness of the cow is expressed in the works of ancient Indian Rishis (like in the Vedas etc.) as well as in later literature and folklore

Pujya Gopal Maniji Maharaj


The Bhartiya Gau Kranti Manch was formed to find ways of restoring the purity, health and wellbeing of cows in India, to highlight the economic contribution of the cow through calves, milk, cow-dung, cow-urine and other minute but more widespread contribution to Indian society and economy. And the final, but somewhat unstated aim is to soon bring about the complete stoppage of the ill-treatment and slaughter of the cow and its progeny.

A great debate is going on in the country with national media obsessed with the plight suffered by beef eaters at the hands of those who see Gau as maa. As per many intellectuals and even media these poor people are being deprived of precious vitamins and nutrients they get from mother’s flesh. But alas they dont know the importance of gau mata.She is the protector of humanity.

Even almighty went bare foot behind her and called her maa.Her panchgavya is a boon to cure the incurable diseases.Her milk is nectar and gobar is blessing.

Jai Gau Mata