Shri Shiv Gaushala –Meerut Road

Shri Shiv Gaushala

We came to know about Shiv Gaushala at Meerut Road by a Gaubhakt.Thakur Sangram Singh has been pursuing a life long batlle to save Gau Mata from butchers and taking utmost care at this auspicious Gaushala.There are around 400 indian breed cows of many of them rare breeds like Kapila and Amrit Mahal.

Thakur sahab sleeps on a takhat outside gaushala and needs to arrange for around 2Lakh Per month for gau grass.He says with Gau Kathas by pujya Gopal Maniji around the nation an awareness among people has increased about great virtues of Gau mata.Many families have been adopted by Gau Mata in this Gaushala with platform.These families donate monthly for the gaugrass and Gaushala maintainance using platform and get various gau products manufactured using gobar(Cow dung) and Gomutra (Cow Urine) of Gaushala Gomatas.

Before joining nationwide Gaushala adoption programme launched by Gobar(cow dung) and GoMutra used to lie waste.In this programm various families get the chance to get adopted by GauMatas.Thinghs have changed for the better since then as Gaushala gets crucial revenues by selling Gobar and Gomutra for manufacturing panchgavya based products.These products are then sent to donating families as GauPrasadam encouraging cow based products in our daily live.

               There is a temple in the middle of Gaushalas and we could feel the presence of Lord Krishna as he said:

                         गावो मामग्रतः संतु, गावो मे संतु पृष्ठतः| गावो मे सर्वतः संतु, गवाँ मध्ये वसाम्यहम||

Lord Krishna said In kaliyugya he’ll be found neither in temples nor in mahals but among Gau Matas.Though thakur sahib has a family but he is given full freedom to devote his life for the Gau Seva.

We at GauKranti feel humbled by seeing such effort in Gau Seva and get inspired to do much more for dear Gau Mata. Gaukranti’s vision to make Gobar (Cow dung) and Gomutra (Cow Urine) as main constituents of Indian economy is supported by all such Gaushalas across India and a network of manufacturers of panchgavya based products.

We all work together for this noblest cause to bring her back,to ive her true place which Lord Krishna gave ie,Our hearts. So let’s donate generously to these Gushalas,Use Gau prasadam in our daily lives like soap,shampoos,phenyls,dhoop,,ghee,gau ark and panchgavya based medicines and therapy.

The Gaushala is running continuous chants of DhenuManas granth choupais and matras by Pujya Gopal Maniji Maharaj .Thakur sahib sums up by speaking one of the choupais from DhenuManas:

                          शक्ति रूपिनी शक्ति ते, औगुन मिटे अपार| सुरभि सुरसरि हिमगिरी ,धरती को आधार||

Gau mata is the conscious form of earth herself and her service is the supreme of every other work on this earth.

                                                   Jai Gau Mata Jai Gau kranti