Organic Farming

We have been a slave to the chemical fertilizer industry for too long. The concept of Organic farming as a truly effective alternative is now coming seriously into contention.

Agriculturists and entrepreneurs are adopting Organic Farming, as a method of agriculture that depends on green manure, crop rotation, biological control of pests, animal manures, and compost, largely avoiding the utilization of harmful chemical fertilizers and synthetic compounds.

The positive aspects of reverting to organic farming, like our ancestors did, are now being accepted throughout the world. “traditions in agriculture,” and how important it is for our present generation to integrate spirituality into contemporary science, while at the same time, reverting to the ancient methods of agriculture, which our forefathers practiced with great success before the British introduced chemical fertilizers. 50 years on, our lands have become infertile and have lost their fertility and productivity, a factor that needs to be addressed immediately.

Why Organic Farming Is Main Concern Today

In India, the Green Revolution has increased food grain production by leaps and bounds. This has brought in its wake, increased demands for fertilizers, farm power and water. The more chemical fertilizers we use, the more the steady, the deterioration of soil fertility. Consequently, the content of organic matter in the soil is depleting at an alarming rate. This also leads to pollution, which indirectly worsens the soil condition further. The overall effect has taken its toll on the health of animals, humans and on the crop production. This is indeed a scary scenario.

Under these circumstances, our only hope is to adopt organic farming to grow clean and nutritious food crops, unspoiled by toxic chemicals. A perfect illustration of this is apparent from the fact that in the USA, the sales of organic food have increased on an average by 20 percent every single year for the past seven years. Organic food is tastier, as the true flavors are truly preserved. This positive change seems to engulf the whole world, as more people today are getting convinced of the positive impact of the organic farming, with each passing day.

Pesticides Lead to Decreasing Health

Chemical pesticides, that are used as a deterrent against pests, for crop protection, often, affect the other organisms, including microorganisms in the soil, other animals and human beings. The World Health Organization shockingly reports on approximately 3 million cases of pesticide poisoning every year, leading to the death of over 2,20,200 people from the developing countries.