Desi Cow or indigenous cattle breeds’ milk is A2 quality milk.

In 1970 India Government started the White Flood program with a vision to be not only self-reliance in milk but a world leader in dairy field. However, this white revolution success root cause was replacing some of the best native desi cows with the hybrid varieties of European countries (Jersey and Holstein cows) using massive insemination program under official tutelage.

A survey conducted by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) in 2011 states that 68.4 of percent milk served throughout the country is adulterated. If we leave this adulterated milk than what about rest of 31.6 percent?

Is it safe to drink that milk?

Is that milk A2 quality milk or A1 quality milk?

The main difference between the two types of milk is the crucial A2 variety of beta casein protein, which is found in the milk of the desi cows.  Milk from the European breeds like Holstein and Jersey contain the A1 variant of beta casein protein, which has been related to allergies and serious health conditions.

In 1994, a patent was registered by the NZ Child Health Research Foundation for ‘A Method of Selecting Non-Diabetogenic Milk or Milk Products’. The patent document first identified A1 protein as a trigger for diabetogenic activity based on a study on mice. Earlier, a similar hypothesis had been given by R B Elliot based on the observation that children in Polynesian islands like Samoa had low incidence of Type 1 diabetes than Polynesian children in Auckland.

In recent years, evidence has started piling up linking A1 protein with higher risks of type-1 diabetes, coronary heart disease, allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, arteriosclerosis, sudden infant death syndrome, autism, schizophrenia etc.

Now the need is to develop an the environmental and social support systems which will help in saving the desi cows of being sold to slaughter houses for little money.

Understanding the benefits of our desi cow milk which produces A2 quality milk, we should spread awareness about this and bring another white revolution in country with A2 quality milk.