What is Agnihotra

agnihotraAgnihotra is a Vedic ritual performed in Hindu communities.  Agnihotra is mentioned in the sacred Atharvavēda (11:7:9) and described in detail in the Yajurvēda Samhita and the Shatapatha Brahmana (12:4:1) is believed to reduce pollution and spiritually purify the atmosphere. It is also known to improve overall health of the people who performs it. Apart from providing benefits to people, it is also known to nourish plant life and neutralize harmful radiation and pathogenic bacteria. It can be used to purify water resources. This is a very important practice as it helps to alleviate the effects of chem trails and bring much-needed rains to prevent drought like situation.

Farming communities in India, Peru and Australia performs Agnihotra fires to heal  land that has become barren and having great success reestablishing diversity and healthy soils.

Ingredients of Agnihotra

  • Organic brown rice (2 pinches uncooked unbroken rice grains)
  • Cow’s ghee (clarified butter)
  • Dried cow dung
  • Semi-pyramidal copper pot of a fixed size and shape

Place a flat piece of dried cow dung at the bottom centre of the pyramid and place other ghee coated dried cow dung pieces around it in such a manner that air flow is maintained between them. Another ghee coated dried dung cake is used to ignite fire in the build structure.

Offerings to Fire

agnihotra-mantrasAgnihotra comprises of two words; Agni means 'fire' and hotra means 'offerings'. So, once the fire is going, an “offering” is made. The offering is of cow’s ghee and whole rice. With Agnihotra, one does the offering at a time that nature is extremely charged, the time of exact sunrise and sunset.

Agnihotra consists of making two offerings of brown rice (unpolished) into the fire exactly at, slightly before, or even after the time of sunset and sunrise, along with Vedic mantras that relate the fire and the sun to each other.

At Sunrise:

  1. Suryaya Swaha Suryaya Idan Na mama
  2. Prajapataye Swaha Prajapataye Idan Na mama

At Sunset:

  1. 'agnir jyotir, jyotiḥ sūryaḥ svāhā'
  2. Agnaye Swaha Agnaye Idan Na mama

Offerings of rice mixed with a little ghee should be given to fire at word 'Swaha'.

Somewhere 'sūryo jyotir, jyotir agniḥ svāhā' mantra is mentioned as sunrise mantra while 'agnir jyotir, jyotiḥ sūryaḥ svāhā' as sunset time mantra.

These offering are made exactly at sunrise and at sunset because it is believed that exactly at sunrise, a flood of subtle energies reaches the Agnihotra pyramid. This moves in a pyramidal form and at sunset the same energies are withdrawn.  This energy neutralizes negative energy and reinforce positive one.

Benefits of Performing Agnihotra

  1. Sitting peacefully for 15 minutes or more in Agnihotra atmosphere helps reducing stress levels and headaches and depression.
  2. Purified Smoke/air helps in recovering from sinusitis and other respiratory problems.
  3. Some physical exercises, if performed after Agnihotra, increase their beneficial effects.
  4. Aroma therapy can be supported with Agnihotra
  5. Agnihotra has very positive effects on the growth of plants also. It known as Homa organic farming. To heal sick plants, to rejuvenate the earth and to improve the quality of the water, Agnihotra must be performed daily at exact timings according to the longitude and latitude of the specific farm.
  6. Ash collected from Agnihotra can be used in preparing medicines for a number of diseases.
    Therapy done from Agnihotra is called Homa therapy.

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