Milk-Boil it or not?

Most of the families have the habit of boiling milk, but how much to boil varies from family to family or person to person.

Why do you thing milk should be boiled?

There are various thoughts behind why people boil milk. Some people boil milk as they think it kills germs and bacteria present in raw milk, some boil it again and again to keep it for longer duration and some boil milk just as a habit.

Milk can get contaminated from source itself, such as milking operation, udder of the cow and the handling practices. This can lead to formation of spores of bacteria in milk. Thus, milk has to be treated to particular temperature. Otherwise, bacteria multiply. So, It is right to boil milk as it most of the germs and bacteria present in raw milk if not all.

But should people boil milk too often just to keep it for longer duration?

Let’s find out….

Milk is a rich food. It means milk has lot of nutrients like protein, calcium and vitamins like vitamin A, D, B1, B2, b12 and K. All these nutrients are present in good quantities.

Now when milk is boiled, these nutrients get affected. So more you boil the milk less nutritious it becomes. Vitamin B is the most affected amongst all.

The Right way:

Some basic precautions should be taken while boiling milk:

-          Do not boil milk at very high temperature for a very long time

-          Don’t reheat milk again and again.

-          Refrigerate the milk immediately after boiling. Do not leave it out in open after boiling.

-          Stir the milk while boiling

-          Microwave should not be used to heat or reheat the milk.