Agnihotra is the most basic yagnya (fire ceremony). ‘Agni’ in sanskrit means fire and ‘hotra’ means healing. So basically agnihotra can be called the healing fire. It is the purification of the atmosphere through the medium of fire.

Nature heals, but what do we do when Nature Herself needs healing due to saturated levels of pollution in her atmosphere, water and soil?

Agnihotra is a super science from ancient wisdom, given in these times as an antidote to pollution.

Agnihotra is the pivotal Healing Fire of HOMA THERAPY.

Agnihotra is a gift to humanity from the ancient most Vedic sciences of bio-energy, medicine, agriculture and climate engineering. It is a simple 10-minute process, yet it is healing entire environments, including farmland and crops and is also restoring the mental, emotional and physical health of people all over the world.

By performing Agnihotra regularly a biosphere is built wherein pollution is neutralized, the environment is vitalized and nourished and a special peaceful atmosphere is created. Sitting in an Agnihotra atmosphere heals the mental, emotional and physical bodies from stress and tension so nicely, delicately, effortlessly.

It is performed by burning Indian cow’s dried dung smeared in desi cow ghee in a copper pyramid vessel of specific dimensions. Then, at the precise timings of sunrise and sunset based on the latitude and longitude of a particular place, an offering of unpolished rice is made to the fire uttering a sanskrit mantra.


The Agnihotra that we know now, can be traced back to 1942. It was resurrected by Shree Gajanan Maharaj of Shivpuri, a disciple of Gangadhar Maharaj. Those days Shivpuri was called as Akkalkot. Shree Gangadhar 

Maharaj was disciple of Balatpa, who in turn was the disciple of Shree Swami Samartha, the third incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

Now Shri Gajanan Maharaj had a sighting of Lord Parshuram. Lord Parshuram appeared in flesh and body and he asked Gajanan Maharaj to spread agnihotra all over the world, Because it was the need of the time. Hence Gajanan Maharaj promoted it in the form that we see today. This concise form is to be done exactly at the time of sunrise and sunset everyday. This whole ceremony lasts for about 5 to 10 min.

Then in 1969 Shri Gajanan Maharaj, initiated Shri Vasant Rao Paranjpe, the father of agnihotra that we know of today, in this path. Then on his orders, In 1972 Shri Vasanth Rao Paranjpe went to Peru to spread agnihotra.

In 1984 Shri Vasanth Rao Paranjpe took the initiative of spreading it all over the world.

The agnihotra that we know today, is not the one that was conceived during the vedic times. Agnihotra was that fire which was burnt at the time of marriage. The person was supposed to carry the fire home and thereafter keep it burning till the end of his life. This fire was kept burning all the time without letting it get extinguished. And every other fire that was used in the house like cooking, heating and other domestic application was basically coming from that original agnihotra fire. And the people who were following this kind of rituals were called as agnihotris.


The process of doing agnihotra has to understood very clearly before starting the agnihotra practice. Once understood clearly one has to just follow a fixed routine with discipline to reap its benefits.


Things that are required for practicing Agnihotra.

1) Copper Pyramid Vessel.

2) Cow dung cakes.

3) Ghee (Clarified Butter) made from Indian Cows milk.

4) Unpolished Rice.

5) Sunrise and Sunset timings.

An initial preparation of five minutes is needed before actually starting the agnihotra ritual.

  • Take the copper pyramid and place it in the centre of the house, if centre is not accessible it can be kept in any clean and airy place. It is better to keep the windows open so that the fresh air can circulate the house.
  • Place the cow dung cakes in the copper vessel in a systematic manner, so that there is enough air to circulate in the vessel and the cakes get sufficient oxygen to burn fully.
  • Apply ghee on the cow dung cakes.
  • Take a cow dung piece and light it outside the copper pyramid with the help of a lamp or a candle and place that lighted cow dung piece in the vessel. See to it that all the cow dungs are properly lit and the whole vessel is lit with fire. This whole process should take about 8-10 minutes.
  • Now exactly at sunrise or sunset timings mix the unpolished rise with ghee in your palm and put it in the fire saying the mantra.

Sunset Mantra

Agnaye Swáhá I Agnaye Idam¹ Na Mama I

Prajápataye Swáhá I Prajápataye Idam Na Mama I

Sunrise Mantra

Sooryáya Swáhá I Sooryáya Idam Na Mama I

Prajápataye Swáhá I Prajápataye Idam Na Mama I

These are the two mantras. And when you chant the swahas you have to put the oblation at that point of time into the fire. With this particular mantra the fire element is fully active and prepare to receive.

There after one can sit near the agnihora and watch it, till the whole fire gets extinguished. this is the basic requirement. One cannot just walk out, because there is Gods presence, the elements are present there and the divine is already arrived. The maximum impact of that happens in the next ten minutes. It is like most of the churches, temples where you have aartis and masses prayers, where the real impact of the prayer comes only when the God responds to the prayer. That is the time humans are supposed to be there. The next ten minutes or twenty minutes are very fertile in the sense of energy development and management of one’s own energies and so one should not miss that. And during that 15-20 min if one is just sitting and observing the yagnya or the fire and even after the fire gets extinguished and if you sit there for some time one can really feel that energy restoring ones body, mind, the whole “chitta”, the emotions, the intellect, human existence get streamlined and balanced.


Scientifically speaking there is a lot of science in there that one understands. Lately the science has started taking note and lately in the sense since 1984. So right from 1942 to 1984 science never looked at agnihotra beyond one of the religious rituals of hindu religion as what it was considered to be. But in 1984 as I was told by Vasant Paranjpe, now Vasant Rao Paranjpe is the father of Agnihotra that we know off today the one who is instrumental in spreading the agnihotra


But in 1984 as I was told by Vasant Paranjpe, now Vasant Rao Paranjpe is the father of Agnihotra that we know off today the one who is instrumental in spreading the agnihotra all over the world and he was a staunch disiple of Shri Gajanan Maharaj. Gajanan Maharaj, in 1969 had initiated him in this path and in 1972 asked him to go to Peru. And that is where he started spreading agnihotra philosophy all over the world. And he was telling me in 1984 he witnessed a very sad event of Union Carbide Bhopal Gas leakage incident and millions of people suffered and thousands died. And at that point of time they realized and the scientists also realized that in some of the houses nothing really happened in spite of being in the midst of the chaos. And when they traced back they found that agnihotra was the common factor. This actually alarmed science to some extent.,

The real impact of agnihotra in human life and in disasters and in critical situations happened in 1985 after the Chernobyl accident that happened in the border of Russia and Poland at that point of time. And lot of nuclear radiation leaked. And that affected lot of people. This was such a dangerous accident that it had a long term impact on those areas which were affected by it.

That was the time when Vasant Raoji had been telling me that the Polish government took everything seriously and was desperately trying to find out the reason behind it. But modern science had nothing much to offer. The moment the radiation happened, there was nothing that could work as an antidote. The army chief of the polish army came to India at Akkalkot and he performed agnihotra and he learnt agnihotra. They did some agnihotra and took the agnihotra ash in a special glass container which was specially produced for this purpose.

Actually that created lot of interest in the scientists mind and they realised two things that when the agnihotra was performed, some of the villages in Poland there were people who were doing agnihotra in Poland also and there was a lady called Keryl Hershell who is till now a strong follower of agnihotra. She was telling me herself that in that particular village who were doing a lot of agnihotra not ever one person or cattle was affected even thought the place was very close to the place of accident. Suddenly the whole of Poland started taking note of that and they realized that agnihotra is something which has phenomenal success in curbing the radioactive leaks and after effects of nuclear radiation. Thereafter he started spreading all over.


The technical principle of agnihotra is very definite. The Vedic principle talks about “Pushtivardhana” where pushti is nutrition. During sunrise and sunset particular conditions are created and there is surge of lot of energies coming towards earth and hitting earth exactly where the sun is rising or setting. At that point of time a huge column of energy is created going right upto 12 kms to the sky and when it descends back again it carries a lot of nutritious stuff.

Science has two dimensions to the healing properties of agnihotra. One is the clinical dimension and the other is the empirical dimension.

Millions of people have been healed physically, mentally, intellectually, emotionally and in all other aspects of human life. It has a holistic effect on the human existence.

The second is the impact on the environment. The major issue today is the environment outside as well as the environment within the human existence, that is the mind and the emotions. It has been observed that within an area of almost 100 sq mtrs the impact is so strong that even the, plant kingdom get benefited. In the ecological environment, the balance is well maintained by agnihotra. This is not only been proved by scientific measurement but also in terms of life experiences of many people. The easiest way is to find out what happens to human body during and after agnihotra.

It has been told from the vedic times that the sunrise and sunset times are the two very important times that reset the cycle of one’s life, especially breathing. Breathing is the core of human existence. Both the nostrils start functioning at this time and this is the reason that since age old times elders have been telling not to sleep around this time. People should be awake at the time of sunrise and sunset. This is the time where one gets an opportunity to start your rhythmic breathing, balanced breathing and that sets the tone for the whole day and if this opportunity is missed the imbalance will be carried throughout the day.

It has been found that the agnihotra ash which is left behind is far more superior chemically. The chemical analysis of agnihotra ash has unexplainable properties. The ash is nothing but a combination of rice grains, Indian breed cows ghee (clarified butter made from Indian cows milk), the copper vessel and Indian cow’s dung. In the chemical composition of these ingredients there is maximum of 34 chemical elements present. but Something surprising happens when you burn together at sunrise time . if it is analyzed, the ash which is formed after the agnihotra will have 92 chemical elements. Scientises are puzzeled as to where this additional 58 elements came from. Because of this unusual phenomena it has been called as miracle ash.




The ancient Indian fire ritual for purification and improving health and happiness.

It is a Vedic ritual or sacrifice mentioned in the ancient scriptures Atharvaveda and described in detail in the Yajurveda Samhita and the Shatapatha Brahmana.  It is a process of purification of the atmosphere as a cumulative effect of various scientific principles harnessed to give rise to an unparallel purifying and healing phenomenon.

The positive effects of Agnihotra are an outcome of simultaneous functioning of many subtle scientific principles, such as, effect of chanting of specific sounds on the atmosphere and mind, energies emanating from the pyramid- shape, nutritional effects of burning the medicinal ingredients, effects of the bio-rhythms etc. It balances the cycle of nature and nourishes the human life. It creates pure, clean and medicinal atmosphere. It cleanses the negative effects of pollution.


One of the major causes of the global warming is the depletion of the ozone layer. Today increasing number of diseases including 
malfunctioning of body organs are due to increasing severity of pollution in the
atmosphere. Ozone layer depletion has been causing ailments like sunburn, skin cancer, cataracts and weakening of the immune system. Viruses are becoming
 drug-resistant and showing consistent growth trends. Gaps in the ozone layer threaten all biological functioning on the planet.
Agnihotra is helpful in generation of the ozone which can be useful in rebuilding process of the ozone layer. It purifies the atmosphere for about 8 miles in all directions, and also has a beneficial effect on the ozone layer.