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We were bunch of technocrats living our lives coding peacefully in a big MNC earning enough to lead seemingly comfortable lives. But there is a meaning to every ones life and we thought that was missing in ours.Then the destiny took us to a saint from Himalaya pujya shri Gopal Maniji Maharaj speaking with a thunderous voice about greatness of Gau mata .

The place Gau Mata held in our lives was more then that of a family member. She was regarded as a mother nurturing and nourishing her sons and daughters with milk ,protecting them from diseases with her Gau mutra and  making land fertile to grow grains with her Gobara.Her Oxen ploughing the fields and being an integral part of day today chores of life like transportation and irrigation.The first roti in every househod was meant for her called GauGrass.No ceremony was complete without her  be it from naming ceremony to marrige ceremony or  last rites. She was always referred to as GauDhan.

We have almost lost her and with that our deep values in these years after independence. The struggle for which in fact began with her when one of her true son refused putting in his mouth the cartridges laced with her flesh. Our beloved mother is now forgotten and forced out of the house ,left to feed herself at garbage bins .She is being slaughtered mercilessly to enable our great country become largest beef exporter  in the world(pun intended).

The words of great saint pujya shri Gopal Maniji Maharaj moved us.He challenged youth of this country to rise and bring her back to her true place which is our hearts. His Dhenu Manas Grantha and Gau Katha deeply imbibed the love for Gau Mata in our hearts and we started Gauseva visiting Gaushala.

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    2016-11-13 19:07:07

    It is a general observation that modern heart specialist blame fat and ghee for cardio vascular diseases. But Ayurveda considers Ghee to be a medicine and the most ancient food in mode of goodness that removes all types of disorders and ailments of human body. It pacifies the Vaat and Pitta and balances the Kapha. It generates only the healthy fat and improves immunity.

    Posted By:   Rhiday Yadav       

  • Why Gobar (Cow Dung) Is Applied On Walls And Floors Of Indian Villages?

    Here are some customs which are followed in India from ancient time and people are following them because their ancestors asked them to do so. It may sound disgusting to many but people in Indian villages implant cow-dung in their homes.

    Cow dung Gobar

    Cow is considered very sacred in Hinduism and it is called Gow Maata (Cow, The mother). Cow dung and cow urine is considered holy in India.

    Posted By:   Rhiday Yadav       

  • We all know that human can live with comfort at a temperature between 20-25°C, but here in India specially in North we have summer for more than 8 months and winter in remaining 4 months. But unfortunately all our present building material like steel, cement, stone dust and pucca bricks are good conductor of heat, resulting our building absorb heat in summer days and release it at night which is our sleeping time and vice-versa in winter. Our building becomes heated chamber in summers and chilled cave in winters.

    Posted By:   Rhiday Yadav       

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