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 “A thirsty bird can drink his fill from a river without causing the slightest change in the level of the stream. In fact, the river becomes even richer, having offered this Sewa (Selfless service) to the bird. In the same way, generous donations to the charity will only increase your true wealth”. - Kabir Das (A great saint of India)

A little donation by you for Cows will earn a great merit for you.

Your contribution is eligible for deduction u/s 80G of the Income Tax Act. 

Our motto is to save Cows to save the Globe.

Yes, my family and I are proud to support the Gau Kranti. We contribute the following amount for preservation of the Cow. 

How can we contribute? 

Gaukranti is a project by some gausevaks, which is a charitable trust which runs with the support of donors like you. You can be a part of this cow care project in various ways as mentioned below : 

 Be a volunteer: Spend a day / week / month at the site and get involved in the process of cow care in a natural environment. 

 Help with Infrastructure: Donate computers, chairs, tables, office equipment, land, etc. 

 Feeding Programs: 

  • Feed Cow (one or more cows) for Day / Week / Month / Year (Rs 100/- per cow per day)
  • Celebrate your Birth day by feeding Cows (one or more cows)
  • Celebrate Anniversary by feeding Cows (one or more cows)

  Adoption Programs: Adopt Cows (one or more cows) for 5 years or lifetime.

  Make a Donation in kind: For caretakers - food supply, clothes, etc.

  Your small support can bring a revolution into Cow Protection.

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