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Cow care


Gau-palan program to keep your mother cow in your home for peace, happiness & devotional prosperity

In India, the cow has been regarded as a mother and worshiped from ancient times. referenced in various scriptures that 33 koti demigods are resides in Gau-mata. She is the source of all divine qualities and she gives us milk, ghee, curd, gau-mutra and gau-may to live a healthy, happy and peaceful life.

But unfortunately in the cats and dogs race of metropolitan lifestyle, we have forgotten our culture of cow care. Inorder to bring back our mother cow to our home, GAUKRANTI FOUNDATION have launched a GOPALAN Program for cow lovers. Our team is ready to guide and support to all such cow lovers at every step of Gopalan initiative.


Our services to implement your GOPALAN Initiative will includes –

      1. Analyzing the free space in your home and suggest the best place for cows.
      2. Construction of cow shed, food and water containers, legalities from govt.
      3. Appoint the trained cow care taker for your cow and timely update their knowledge.
      4. Purchase the good quality cow.
      5. Training for gomata puja, gomata personal care etc.
      6. Medical facilities for your cows
      7. Practices for best milk yield with personal love and thru natural ways.
      8. Inhouse Utilization of cow dung and cow urine
      9. Breeding of cows and arrangement of relocating the extra calf/cows
      10. Buried the naturally died cows as per proper religious ceremony.
Register for GAUKRANTI Cow Care Membership to become :
      • Go-Sevak Member
      • Nandani – Member
      • Kamdhenu – Member
      • Surabhi -Member
      • Gau-Palak Member by Adopt a Cow
      • Goshala-Palak Member by Adopt a Goshala
      • Gau-Gram Palak Member by Adopt a Village and keep cow in every home


Your small support by becoming a GAUKRANTI Cow Care Member can bring a revolution into Cow Protection. Serve Holy Cows specially Injured, Non milking and abandoned cows in sick goshalas and get divine blessings of Gaumata and Lord Krishna.


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