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Goseva Punarnava And gomutra combination is good for 

Reduces swelling, anti inflammatory, Useful

in liver disorders ,Useful for urinary problems, Useful in kidney-bladder

stones, kidney disorders, enlargement of liver, cirrhosis of liver,

jaundice, dropsy, oedema, Useful in anemia,  Useful in cardiac

disorders, useful in cough and cold, asthama, piles, abdominal worms,

acute leprosy, relieves sputum, Useful in blood and skin diseases,

useful in chest injury, useful in relieving pain, abdominal colic, Useful in

menstrual disorders menorrhagia, improves digestion strength,

improves taste, anti aging, Useful in anorexia¸ useful in Hemorrhoids,

speeds up wound healing, Useful in ascites, Useful in chronic toxic

conditions, useful in relieving water retention, Useful for dengue fever,

increases plasma insulin, improves glucose tolerance, decreases


Neem patte :- Useful for asthma, sore throat, tuberculosis,

eczema, jaundice, stomach ulcers, diabetes, arthritis and rheumatism,

Supports healthy skin and a clear complexion, Cleanses blood,

Boosters the immune system, Supports healthy blood sugar levels,

Supports a healthy digestive environment in the GI tract, Encourages

proper fat and water metabolism, Supports a clear breathing and a

healthy respiratory system,  balancing effect on pitta and kapha

in prana vaha strotas,  supports natural cleansing of the channels in the

body as well as the rejuvenation of healthy tissues, used as a treatment

for high fever caused by malaria, used to eliminate unwanted intestinal

parasites, and as an anti-fungal agent, useful in urinary disorders. It is

immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antihyperglycaemic, antiulcer,

antimalarial, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antioxidant,

antimutagenic and anticarcinogenic properties

Guduchi :-  Improves digestion power, relieves Ama, relieves

excessive thirst, Immunity booster, useful in treatment of diabetes,

useful in urinary tract disorders, Useful to relieve cough, relieves

anemia, Useful in treatment of jaundice and related diseases of liver,

Useful in skin diseases,  Useful in gout-arthritis, Useful in fever, useful

to relieve intestinal worms, useful to relieve vomiting, useful in difficulty

in breathing, (dyspnoea), asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, cold, useful in

 Piles, hemorrhoids, Difficulty in passing urine, Useful in heart diseases

with Vata symptoms such as pain, improves vision, good for eyes,

useful in eye disorders,  anti aging, rejuvenating, Aphrodisiac, Useful to

mitigate negative effects of chemotherapy, Useful in High cholesterol

levels, Atherosclerosis, Heart weakness, Peptic ulcer, Mouth ulcer,

Ulcerative colitis, Hepatitis, Inflammation of gallbladder, Loss of

appetite, Gas or flatulence, Bloating, Abdominal distension, Debility or

weakness, Excessive sweating, Chills,  pancreatitis. Is is anti-oxidant,

anti-allergic, anti-stress, anti-leprotic, anti-malarial, hepatoprotective,

immunomodulatory and anti-neoplastic activities, anti-periodic, anti-

spasmodic, anti-inflammatory.

Daru Haldi :- Useful in Stomach infection, Dysentery, acute

diarrhoea, Piles, Ulcerative Colitis, Duodenal Ulcer, Infection in

intestine, Eye related problems, Opthalmia, Remittent fevers, Jaundice,

Boils, Ulcer, Skin diseases, Painful urination, Useful in liver disorders,

useful in the treatment of pain and itching related disorders related to

ears and oral cavity, useful in diabetes, useful in herpes, useful in

menorraghia and leucorrhea, useful in quick wound healing,  improves

appetite, digestion and assimilation, anticancer properties which fights

against human colon cancer, antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and

antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-diabetic activities.

Durva :- Useful in epilepsy, hysteria, acidity, constipation,

bleeding in dysentery, piles, controls blood sugar level, Useful in oral

related problems, haematuria, epistaxis, menorrhagia, diarrhea,

raktapitta, syphilis, Useful to prevent cold and helps to remove phlegm

from the body, boosts heart health, useful in urinary tract

infections,improves breast milk production, useful in gynaecological

problems related to uterus,  strengthen uterus and stops abnormal

uterine bleeding, useful in minimising risks of miscarriage and supports

normal feotal growth, useful in kidney stones, useful to strengthen

nervous system, useful in water retention, edema, ascites, digestive

disorders, has anti cancer properties.

Gokharu :- Useful in Sexual weakness, Low sperm count,

erectile dysfunction, Useful in Kidney problem, Kidney stone, Recurrent

stone formation, Increased Serum Creatinine, Blood urea, Uric acid in

body, Useful in Coughing, Useful in Frequent urination, urine infection,

prostrate problem, Urine blockage, painful urination, Blood in urine,

Useful in Jaundice, Useful in Weakness, muscle building, Useful in

Uterus infection and inflammation, Useful in Leucorrhoea,  improves

strength, nourishes the body,  Improves digestion, useful in cardiac

disorders, Relieves abdominal colic pain, Improves vision, useful in eye

disorders, Useful in cough and cold, Useful in piles and haemorrhoids.


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    I have received all the contents and am in use of it. Thank you for your prompt support and timely delivery. I will reach out for more items in future.
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    We are really speechless to express our happiness after seeing all these products from India. This indicates how you are serving the people. We really pray for the Gaukranti to grow many times in the future.
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    There is always room for some improvement. But the five star is for helping our happy, holy, cute cows "The lord of all animals."
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  • "Life savers in today's contaminated environment"

    One should praise this effort of yours for providing sudhh desi product that too made of Indian breed Cow's milk etc.. Looking forward for long term association.
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