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Holy Cow Foundation is an NGO that assists Gaushalas/ Gau-sadans to reach a level of sustainability where they can provide quality lives to animals, with good management practices. This is done by facilitating exchange of technical know-how in manufacturing Panchgavya products (which in Sanskrit, means a blend of five products obtained from the Cow, viz. dung, urine, milk, ghee, and curd), Organizing Training Workshops to manufacture these products, and Sharing Skills of Marketing these products. We also promote Cow-based therapy through lectures and workshops, to introduce people to benefits of products derived from indigenous cows of India. These workshops act as a platform to connect like-minded people, to work collectively for the welfare of cows.

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  1. Holy Cow Herbal Tea - Refill Pack

    Regular Price: Rs 220.00

    Special Price Rs 218.00

    Holy Cow Herbal Tea is a tasty and healthy replacement of regular tea to feel more refresh and energetic. Learn More
  2. Holy Cow Health Tonic

    Regular Price: Rs 170.00

    Special Price Rs 167.00

    The health tonic has the potential to root out almost any ailment. It helps to balance the three doshas (Khaph, Pitt, Vaat). It repairs and regenerates damaged tissues and cells. The copper content in cow urine prevents fat deposition. By improving metabolism it helps in lowering cholesterol levels. Learn More
  3. Holy Cow Nasal Drops

    Regular Price: Rs 140.00

    Special Price Rs 139.00

    Holy Cow Nasal Drop is helpful in over 90 illnesses such as insomnia, sinus, allergy from dust and other such diseases. Learn More
  4. Holy Cow Herbal Tea

    Regular Price: Rs 280.00

    Special Price Rs 276.00

    Holy Cow Herbal Tea is a tasty and healthy replacement of regular tea to feel more refresh and energetic. Learn More
  5. Holy Cow Weight Loss Ark

    Regular Price: Rs 210.00

    Special Price Rs 207.00

    Holy Cow Weight loss ark is made according to Charak samihta. Learn More
  6. holy-cow-joint-pain-oil

    Regular Price: Rs 170.00

    Special Price Rs 168.00

    This oil is for giving relief from joint or muscular pains. It can be used as a massage oil to invigorate the body. Learn More
  7. Holy Cow Body Scrub

    Regular Price: Rs 250.00

    Special Price Rs 246.00

    It is great cleanser and exfoliater. It helps remove dead skin and leaves your skin fresh and glowing. Learn More
  8. Holy Cow Face Pack
    Rs 280.00
    It is made from natural herbs, it keeps the face fresh and youthful. Prevents acne, removes blemishes, effective in treating pigmentation and removes tanning. Learn More
  9. Holy Cow Dhoop (50 sticks)

    Regular Price: Rs 80.00

    Special Price Rs 79.00

    These dhoop sticks are chemical-free, made of desi cow dung and ghee. The ash of dhoop sticks has anti-septic properties. Learn More
  10. Holy Cow ChyawanPrash
    Rs 400.00
    A rejuvenator with anti-agening properties, it boosts natural immunity. Contains pure ghee of desi cow. Learn More
  11. Holy Cow Shampoo
    Rs 280.00
    It has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties for preventing hair loss, dandruff, fungal infection and premature greying. Learn More
  12. Holy Cow Mosquito Coil

    Regular Price: Rs 80.00

    Special Price Rs 79.00

    Holy Cow Mosquito Coil is chemical free and contains valuable herbs and goodness of Panchagavya for air purification and repelling mosquitoes. Learn More
  13. Rakhi Gifts
    Rs 501.00
    exclusive gift for brother and sister on this rakhi. Contains following items.... HOLY COW HERBAL TEA HOLY COW NASAL DROPS HOLY COW DHOOP (40 STICKS) Cow Badge Rakhi Learn More
  14. holy-cow-Dantmanjan

    Regular Price: Rs 140.00

    Special Price Rs 138.00

    Holy Cow Dant manjan is made from natural herbs in contrast to modern day toothpaste which may contain chemicals and animal bones. This natural cleanser leaves your mouth fresh, your teeth clean and your gums strong. Learn More
  15. holy-cow-hair-oil

    Regular Price: Rs 150.00

    Special Price Rs 148.00

    Holy Cow Herbal Hair Oil is very effective to counter hairfall, dryness, dandruff and itching. It also promotes hair growth, leaves the hair soft and full. Learn More

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  • "Thank you for Your Prompt Support & Timely Delivery"

    I have received all the contents and am in use of it. Thank you for your prompt support and timely delivery. I will reach out for more items in future.
    Mallik Tadepalli -FairFax, Virginia, USA(America) Reviewed on Tues, 13/079/2016 - 05:34
  • "We are really speechless to express our happiness"

    We are really speechless to express our happiness after seeing all these products from India. This indicates how you are serving the people. We really pray for the Gaukranti to grow many times in the future.
    P.R.Sinha -The University of Tokyo, JAPAN Reviewed on Mon, 25/07/2016 - 18:12
  • "Thank you for this service"

    There is always room for some improvement. But the five star is for helping our happy, holy, cute cows "The lord of all animals."
    Raj Sekhar -Kolkata, West Bengal Reviewed on Mon, 22/02/2016 - 21:02
  • "Life savers in today's contaminated environment"

    One should praise this effort of yours for providing sudhh desi product that too made of Indian breed Cow's milk etc.. Looking forward for long term association.
    Pankaj Kumar Jha -Pune, Maharashtra Reviewed on Mon, 22/02/2016 - 14:36

    Vipin Singh -New Delhi Reviewed on Mon, 22/02/2016 - 14:10
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