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Latest News & Events (नवभारत टाइम्स) : गाय से जुड़े प्रॉडक्ट्स की ऑनलाइन बिक्री 

गौक्रांती ऑनलाइन पोर्टल, गोमूत्र की है सबसे ज्यादा डिमांड, 20-25 गोशालाएं जुड़ी हैं वेबसाइट से

नई दिल्ली : दिल्ली में कुछ युवकों ने गोसेवा के लिए कुछ नया करने का सोचा है। गोशाला के बारे में ज्यादा जानकारी लेने के लिए वे दिल्ली की एक गोशाला गए। वहां उन्हें पता चला कि गोशाला में कई ऐसे प्रॉडक्ट्स मिलते हैं, जिनके बारे में आम लोगों को पता ही नहीं होता है। तब उन्होंने एक ऐसा पोर्टल बनाने की पहल की, जहां गाय से जुड़े सभी प्रॉडक्ट्स लोग खरीद सकें। इसी मिशन के साथ इन युवकों की टीम ने एक पोर्टल बनाया।


 is specially to sell cow-by-products


With promises of a miracle cure, and a soft nudge from the government,

the cow urine industry in India has boomed and the cow has become the proverbial golden goose 

Thank you all for supporting us in this cause and let us try to make more people aware of benefits of‪#‎Panchgavya‬ products. (OPEN) : Cow Dung Capitalism: Milking the Holy Cow 

The broad objective of almost all of them is to protect the Indian cow from slaughter

LESS THAN A year ago, four Engineers in Delhi, began to develop a business idea. They visited several cow shelters in and around Delhi, a tour to study the availability of cow-based products, and soon noticed a stark imbalance. “Almost every state had cow shelters making such products. Everyone was doing it,” says Rajesh, “But there was no one marketing it.”

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 Love in the time of cow (How different are Hindu cow-lovers? If you check out

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How different are Hindu cow-lovers? If you check out, allegedly India's biggest online store for cow products, you will be surprised with the range of commodities being traded: 34 types of food and beverage produced from the cow, 28 varieties of desi cow ghee, 14 types of cow urine, 68 puja utilities (cow dung cakes to incense), 170 cow cosmetics, 98 healthcare, 40 homecare, 169 daily use items, 170 medicines, 36 books or "gau gyan". 'Cow Dung for Puja Should be Pure’ 

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While the easiest place to buy cow dung online are websites like Amazon, there are a host of specialised websites which sell only

cow-based products. is one such website. 

‘India’s Biggest Online Store for Cow Products’

That’s what the ‘Gaukranti’ website says on its home page. It sells natural cow dung ‘paint’ for drawing rooms, purified cow urine,

cow dung cakes, and has an exclusive membership scheme to what is called the ‘Gau Parivar.’ :Cow urine has become the booming business in India and this is how

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GoArk, volunteer says, is a weightloss product made by boiling cow urine in an iron pot to which a vapour condensing device is attached. It is harmless and can be given to children and women. Among his own products, he says, the basic difference is in the source of the cows. Goseva GoArk is prepared from the GIR cow’s urine (from which recently traces of gold were discovered) and GouGanga has mixed Indian breeds

 Gaushala Se Amazon Tak: Tracking Cow Dung Cakes Sold Online


 Click here to read full article on Hunt News


From dusty gaushalas, cow dung has been dragged onto front page headlines. Politicians can't stop talking about cow dung's healing properties. In June 2016, gau rakshaks forcefully fed cow dung mixture to two men for allegedly carrying beef in Faridabad. Even cellphones are being coated with cow dung to control radiation.

there are a host of specialised websites which sell only cow-based products. is one such website.

 'India's Biggest Online Store for Cow Products'

 That's what the 'Gaukranti' website says on its home page. It sells natural cow dung 'paint' for drawing rooms, purified cow urine, cow dung cakes, and has an exclusive membership scheme to what is called the 'Gau Parivar.'

 The website prices cow dung cakes between Rs 45 and Rs 80, apart from cow dung soaps and assorted products. They partner with 13 to 15 gaushalas all over the country, from Gujarat to Bhopal, from where they source their cow dung.


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