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Gavyamrut Gomutra Ark (500 ML)



Pathmeda Gomutra cow urine ark is made from pure Indian breed cows.

Gomutra is used in Indian culture for purification of body. People spread Gomutra in their offices, houses, on their body during auspicious occasions. Gomutra attracts divine consciousness which brings us under sattva guna thus it helps in spiritual healing. Mata yashoda poured Gomutra on Krishna to save him from all ill-will. It is a giver of mental and physical strength. It is used while performing sacrifices (Yagya) and used as pesticide in garden or farm.

Benefits of Gomutra:

Gomutra (cow urine) has many benefits as Goark is a natural sourve of many minerals and elements needed by a human body. It works as antibacterial agent Boosts the immunity of the body Useful for heart patients and obesity Lowers cholesterol levels Reduces fats Improves brain power Repairs and regenerates damaged tissues and cells Cures children’s cough and other diseases Increases life span and purifies the blood. Directions: Put a small amount in the hand and sprinkle in different directions. Ingredients: Cow urine.

* Reduces fat and lowering cholesterol levels

* Strengthens heart & brain, protect from strokes

* Effective in Liver, Jaundice, Hepatitis-B, any Stomach problems, Diabetes, Cancer and Chronic illnesses.

* Increases the life span and immune system of body.

* Restores balance of the three doshas (vata, pitta, kapha)

* Protects from side effects of long term usage of drugs

* Brings consciousness to higher levels (mode of goodness)

In Hypercholesterolemia: Gomutra along with jeeraka, honey and triphala churna taken in empty stomach daily reduces cholesterol, harmful alkaloids, etc.

In Obesity: Gomutra along with honey and lime juice made as a drink consumed daily reduces weight greatly without any harm to other systems.

In High Degree Fevers: Gomutra especially arka can be administered along with jeeraka water reduces the fever and also kindles digestive fire.

In Astma and Other Bronchial Disorders: Gomutra mixed with shunti and pippali and little honey. This mixture is administered for 1-2 week twice daily in empty stomach in morning and at bed time at night. This also reduces wheeze.

In Stomach Pain and Abdominal Colic’s: (Other Than Appendicitis And Renal Colic’s): Warm the Gomutra along with vata shamaka tailam and applied warm over pain region and done smooth massage in anulomana direction.

In Hypertension/Depression/Headaches: Gomutra is heated with ghee and the fumes are inhaled followed by application of same mixture in naval (nabhi). This also releases thamas.

In Baldness/Alopecia: – Gomutra nasya

In Sinusitis: Gomutra nasya, and internally Gomutra and trikatu churnam .

In Tonsillitis: Gomutra is mixed along with soft ksharas and applied over infected tonsils continuously for 10 days.

In Jaundice: Gomutra administered internally along with katuki and jeeraka in empty stomach twice daily starting with lesser dose thereby increasing the amount daily.

In Blood Intoxication: Gomutra along with fresh amalaki juice twice daily.

In Diabetes: Gomutra alone taken in empty stomach in morning and after food at night reduce diabetes by enhancing the production of insulin making pancreatic function active. (Note – strict avoidance of curd and sweet intake is recommended).

In Acne/ Pimples: Gomutra alone is daily used to wash face twice daily in case of white head pimples (pus). It also reduces formation of excess sebum and thus leaves skin dry.

In Dysmenorrhea: Gomutra along with takra (butter milk) or navaneeta (butter) with few drops of tila taila is recommended.

In Leuchorrhea: Gomutra is added with triphala kashaya with or without lime is used as dough or genital wash daily.

In Leucoderma: Gomutra mixed with avalgujaadi beeja churnam and applied external over the skin.

In Fungal Skin Disorders/Itches/Eczema: Gomutra along with khadhira churna and applied regularly for 10 – 15 days to avoid recurrence.

In Heart Disorders: Gomutra along with matulunga swarasa and saindhava lavana is indicated

In Amenorrhea: Gomutra with tila taila and amalaki swarasa

In Rheumatoid/Osteo/Gouty Arthritis Pain & Inflammation: Gomutra mixed along with cow dung and heated. It is applied warm over painful joints, gives quick relief from pain.

In Dermal Warts: Gomutra with kshara and tila taila – external application.

In Hyper Thyroid: Gomutra along with aswagandha along with any guggulu preparation is given.

In Conjunctivitis/ Eye Inflammation:  Gomutra arka is dropped as eye drops.

In Sprue Syndrome/Amoebiasis: Gomutra with vilwa swrasa.

In Anemia/ Edema: Gomutra along with ardraka swarasa.

In Dental Pain:  Gomutra along with tilataila and lavanga churna for gurgled.

In Nasal Polyps: Gomutra with a pinch of saindava lavana used as nasya.

In Bloating of Abdomen/ Admaana: Gomutra with lashuna and triphala kashaya is administered.

In Dandruff: Gomutra with tila taila and lemon juice is applied on scalp and head bath taken in Luke warm water.

In Dizziness/ Excess Day Sleep/Giddiness: Gomutra nasya – relives thamas.


About Pathmeda Godham (Courtsey http://pathmedagodham(dot)org)

Anandvan Pathmeda, the holy and beautiful land of India was selected for grazing and wandering for the gentle, bold, brave, strong and best milk productive Brahm swaroopa cows of the world brought from vrindavan by lord Krishna staying there in the holy month of Bhadrapad while going from kurukshetra to Dwarika, Anandvan is a delicate combination of cow rearing folk culture of marwar, kathia wad and Tharparker as well as a confluence of the holy river the sarswati flowing underground, the sindhu flowing in kachhran and the savitri flowing on the land by which destroyer of sins of many birth lord kirishna, kamdhenu and place of adoration of kalpguru Dattatrey.

National great creative campaign has been started from this very place in 1993 to prevent tyranny against the descendants of Kamdheru, Kapila and Surbhi cows which had been treated atrociously for last 12 centuries. Under this great campaign first of all shree Gopal Goverdhan Goshala (cow dwelling) and shree Godham Mahatirth pathmeda have been established and a working committee for cow service has been constituted in which all the representatives of cow devotees have been included (Goseva Ashram) cow service centres, cow protection centers and cow service camps have been established under the direction of shree pathmeda Godham mahatirth in different regions of western Rajasthan and North West Gujrat. Through this campaigh donation for cows has been collected from cow devotees, religious persons  and cow rearing farmers and sent  it  to the cow service centres for nourishing cows. Thus a polite attempt for the nourishment of the dependant cows has been done through receiving donations for these cows form the cow devotees and cow rearing farmers in this way in the first step of this campaign millions of cows have been given protection which were saved from cruel hands of butchers and afflicted in the terrible famine (draught).


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